Maajid Nawaz teaches caller a lesson for giving "politician's answers"

16 November 2019, 16:17

When this caller refused to give a straight answer to Maajid Nawaz's questions, he found out what would happen the hard way.

The LBC presenter was discussing the immigration policies of the main parties in the General Election and pointed out that in order to fulfil their pledges, they will all require additional skilled and unskilled labour from around the world.

Graham called in, insisting that we should be training British people ourselves rather than relying on people from around the world.

Maajid asked him whether he could see the "obvious contradiction" with their policy on immigration.

Graham instead said: "I can see that it is abundantly clear that politicians repeatedly make contradictory statements. I have no doubt about that."

Maajid Nawaz got really frustrated by this caller
Maajid Nawaz got really frustrated by this caller. Picture: LBC

So Maajid said: "Why are you hesitating in answering the question? All I'm asking you to do is acknowledge it in this particular situation. You just gave me a politician's answer."

When Graham failed to answer the question again, Maajid told him: "Why on earth can people not answer questions?

"If you're going to call my show, you will need to answer the question I put to you! I don't like BS on this show."

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