Maajid Nawaz’s Fascinating Analogy On The Radicalisation Of Vegans

3 February 2018, 15:42 | Updated: 3 February 2018, 15:58

This is Maajid Nawaz’s thought-provoking take on why some vegan activists are travelling on the path to radicalisation.

He explained his fascinating analogy after it was reported the number of threats from militant vegans to farmers were on the rise.

Farmers are being targeted on social media by activists who have called for their children to be hurt and to suffer the same fates as their animals.

Maajid, a meat eater, built his theory on the premises of those who truly believe “meat is murder”.

He said: “If meat is murder then all of us who do eat meat are engaged in mass murder on genocidal levels.

“Therefore if meat is murder you’re within your rights to uprise against us, in fact to engage in all forms of disruption because we’re murdering every single day.

“Imagine you were living in a regime that murdered human beings on this scale, if meat is murder you’d even justify using force to defend the innocent victims of our murderous appetite.”

Maajid Nawaz
Picture: LBC

He continued: “So if meat is murder, then everything else in the world becomes simple and makes sense.

“Which is why it’s such an absurdity because it leads to the conclusion that in defence of the animals you believe we meat eaters are murdering, if you follow that logic, you’d be perfectly within your rights to use force.

“And this is how radicalisation begins and I believe vegans in particular, not all of them, are travelling down the path to radicalisation.

“Because of the premises they’ve adopted that meat is murder.”