Maajid On The Novel Solution To London's Pollution Problem

15 April 2017, 13:52 | Updated: 15 April 2017, 14:11

Maajid Nawaz presents this novel idea for how driverless cars could tackle London's air pollution and congestion problem.

During a conversation about London's increasing air pollution Maajid Nawaz presented this novel idea about how to tackle it.

He said he had recently read about how driverless cars could help tackle pollution - and here he presents how it could work in the capital, tackling congestion at the same time. 

Maajid said: "Technology moves really fast and I think we need to keep up to pace with it. We keep up with it. Keep moving with that technological development. 

"Driverless cars are one of those things. How could it disrupt and obliterate road traffic? Well, this is how. 

"If Uber replaced all of its driver-led services, and if black cabs did the same, if all other minicabs did the same, and if all of us stopped driving cars, and instead imagine this."

"If I wanted to go to work and I just got an app out and I hailed an electronic, robotic, driverless car. It came to pick me up at home, and took me to my destination point and dropped me off. What would be the benefit of that?"

Watch the clip to hear him explain more.