Maajid Says No Deal Is Comparable To Burning Your Own House Down

15 October 2017, 13:10

"Even the DUP will vote against the government were 'no deal' to be the result."

Maajid Nawaz has railed against the suggestion that a no deal outcome would be beneficial for the UK.

The LBC presenter welcomed news that a powerful cross-party group of MPs were scheming to block the possibility of a no deal outcome in the Brexit negotiations.

A critical aim of the group is to avoid crashing out of the EU without sufficient settlement - a result warned to be catastrophic for the economy.

Maajid said "even the DUP have said they'll abandon Theresa May in a no deal scenario and vote against the government."

"Are you that desperate? More desperate than the DUP propping up Theresa May's government? Are you that desperate to leave the EU that you would burn your own house down?"

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