Maajid Slams Those Defending Russia's Involvement In Syria

9 April 2017, 14:27 | Updated: 9 April 2017, 17:17

"You sound exactly like Muslim extremists" says Maajid Nawaz, of people who are saying Russia's involvement in Syria is better than the US's.

Maajid Nawaz said he is becoming increasingly frustrated by some people's reaction to the recent US air strike on Syria. 

He said those who are defending Putin's involvement in Syria are just as bad as Muslim extremists. 

In this clip he explains why. 

Maajid said: "Some of you are suggesting that perhaps Russia's presence in Syria, or anywhere in the world is better than America's presence, and these are the sorts of views that I find frankly frustrating and absurd. 

"Now the same sort of people that call in, feel free to continue calling in, and I will continue challenging you on these views and I'm not asking you not to call in.

"But the same sorts of people that call in defending Russia and running the West down so much, what I find is the contradiction, which they are yet to explain, is the following. 

"They're the same sort of people that attack Muslim extremists for hating the West so much, and blaming everything on the West, and yet when it comes to discussing Russia, they call into my show and hate the West so much, and blame everything on the West? 

"There is a cognitive dissonance. You guys sound exactly like the Muslim extremists who blame everything on the West, and are so relativist that they say 'well, we're as bad as Isis really'. 

"You sound exactly like those terrorist sympathisers. You sound exactly like the people you claim to hate. And there in lies the irony."