Maajid Tears Down Caller Who Says Women In Saudi Arabia Have More Rights Than British Men

27 September 2017, 08:45

This caller suggested that men in Britain have fewer rights than women in Saudi Arabia, so Maajid Nawaz gave him a few cold, hard facts.

The Gulf state became the final country in the world to allow women to drive after the King issued a Royal decree.

But Sam in Whitechapel insisted that men are treated more harshly in Britain than women are in Saudi Arabia.

That led Maajid to make this brilliant speech, ridiculing his point.

Maajid had a brilliant comeback to this caller
Maajid had a brilliant comeback to this caller. Picture: LBC

Speaking on his LBC show, Maajid said: "There are problems with men and access rights in this country, there are problems in the divorce law, there are problems with the case of the student in Oxford who stabbed her boyfriend.

"But these problems pale in comparison to the problems women face in Saudi Arabia.

"Men are not lashed on their backs in this country because of something they said. In Saudi Arabia, if you write the wrong blog at the wrong time, like Raif Badawi did, he was sentenced to lashes.

"You don't have hands chopped off for theft in this country.

"You're not lashed on your back because you wrote something the government didn't like.

"You're not forced to marry, or divorce someone you're in love with, just because your husband or your son doesn't approve of who you married.

"It's absurd for you to call up and complain that you're more of a victim than women in Saudi Arabia."