Maajid Nawaz explains how UK can prosper post-Brexit: 'It's not all bad news'

13 December 2020, 16:00

By Seán Hickey

The opportunities for the UK to become a success in the event of no-deal are endless, and the public must share in this hope.

Following announcements from the EU and UK that post-Brexit trade talks will continue after Sunday, the stance of both sides has been criticised.

Maajid Nawaz referenced potential alliances with Five Eyes nations along with other British allies to create a so-called "D10 club," to help the UK shift reliance from Chinese technology and manufacturing. This, he believes, would help the UK reassert itself as a power in the event of no-deal.

He argued that looking further afield than the EU and prospering with our traditional allies "incentivises further closer collaboration with the European Union...if we don't get a deal this time around."

"Going out with no deal means our trade with the continent and member states is disrupted but it has no implication for why we should stop trading with the rest of the world until we fix the relationship with the EU."

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"It's not all good news," Maajid clarified, "but it's also not all bad news."

He called for detractors to put their political allegiances aside: "We still have to represent this country's interests."

"If we give up hope and give up seeking the light in this difficult period, then we won't be able to arrive at what's best for this country."