Passionate caller demands British Asians become more vocal in support for anti-racism movement

13 June 2020, 15:33

By Seán Hickey

This caller pointed out that although South Asian communities benefit from anti-racist activism, they are too slow to support Black Lives Matter.

Anita spoke to Maajid Nawaz off the back of Priti Patel coming out and sharing her experience of racism in the UK. Anita spoke to Maajid about the dynamic of racism between South Asians and black people and argued that the Asian community doesn't support the black community as much as it should.

"South Asian people have dipped their toes in and benefitted heavily from black oppression, black uprising, black protesting, civil rights but when it comes to the time of them talking and coming as a collective community to talk with black people, we've gone eerily silent."

Maajid added to the conversation that "Priti Patel needs to acknowledge that her family and her family before them were taken to Uganda and other African countries to be placed in a hierarchy above blacks" and that "does mean that those who came from Uganda have their own soul searching to do about their role to play in empire."

Maajid was taken in by Anita's words, who was speaking as the mother of a half black child that has seen the clear issues of racism within her community and how the South Asian community can do so much more to support black people in their protests. "This conversation that you and I, Anita, are having, is when the process begins" he said.

Anita added finally that the statements from Priti Patel are an attempt to "take away the attention from black lives" when she should be supporting protesters.

The caller said that South Asians need to do more to support Black Lives Matter
The caller said that South Asians need to do more to support Black Lives Matter. Picture: PA

Anita was quick to note that she wasn't attempting to call out her community, rather she was "highlighting what is wrong because I love my people."

Anita called for communication between communities, adding that "we are too comfortable in our communities, we are not integrated enough."

"My daughter has had to endure racism around my own people and I've had to sit and endure it" she said, which she noted as the point where she had to speak out that racism in society needs to be addressed by all minorities.

"The moment the black lives movement's moving, nobody's speaking" she said, adding that "we are constantly being helped by the black lives movement."

Maajid confirmed this point, telling Anita that "on the shoulders of giants do we stand."

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