This “Politically Engaged” 14-Year-Old Left Maajid Feeling “Proud”

13 January 2018, 15:57

14-year-old Sian called Maajid to offer her thoughts on racism following the row over a "racist" hoody and left the presenter feeling "proud" with how "politically engaged" she was.

"The problem is that for years upon years in the Western world we’ve had an inherently racist system and an inherently racist social structure," she told LBC.

"There has always been discrimination from white people towards black people and minority groups."

She explained how she believed it was all about context because the word monkey has been used to bring down black people in the past.

Maajid was discussing news that the mother of a child model who defended H&M over her little boy modelling a hoody branded as racist, has cried racism herself as the same word is now being thrown back at her.

Listen to the teenager's call on the video at the top of this page.