Remainers must bury the hatchet and work towards a post-Brexit Britain

25 July 2020, 14:05 | Updated: 25 July 2020, 14:18

By Seán Hickey

Maajid Nawaz pleaded with Remainers to put their egos aside and accept that we need to work together towards a post-Brexit Britain, regardless of your opinion of the result.

Maajid Nawaz was speaking about Brexit as the deadline for a deal edges closer and closer. He was putting forward the argument that Brits have more in common than not, despite the divisive nature of Brexit.

"The human spirit is more binding and more lasting than political debate," said Maajid and used the example of how he was supported in his hunger strike by someone on the other end of the political spectrum to him, Nigel Farage.

"Sometimes it means holding your nose, holding your grudge," to work for the greater good Maajid said, and asked if "on the Brexit debate can we please start doing that."

He warned Remainers that if you don't contribute to the debate and discourse surrounding post-Brexit Britain, Brexiteers "will shape the future of this country without your input."

"Bury the hatchet, bury our egos and start trying to work out which kind of Brexiter we can work with," Maajid said.

Maajid claimed that the battle is over on Brexit and Remainers must accept that
Maajid claimed that the battle is over on Brexit and Remainers must accept that. Picture: PA

He argued that "we need to develop a post-Brexit liberal vision for Britain" and this cannot be achieved if only one side of the debate is addressed.

Maajid went on to imagine "who can our allies be," in post-Brexit Britain and argued that the first place the UK should be looking is to begin "forging closer and closer alliances with the Five Eyes nations" who are the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the UK.

He argued that if the nations were to move further than just being an intelligence sharing bloc and a socio-economic one too, this would be an ideal place for the UK to start it's life outside of the EU.