Maajid Nawaz schools caller who denies the existence of Chinese internment camps

26 January 2020, 17:36

Maajid Nawaz clashed with a Chinese caller who disputed the UN reports that suggest up to 1 million people are being held in internment camps in Xinjiang.

The caller, originally from China, had heard comments about internment camps in Xinjiang.

Maajid Nawaz quoted the number that 1 million people had been held in those camps.

The caller, Chen, wanted to dispute this.

He said: "Where did you get the number from? That hasn't been officially recognised."

The number is based on information from the United Nations human rights panel who said that it had received many credible reports that 1 million ethnic Uyghurs in China have been held in "re-education camps".

The caller proceeded to deny this.

He said: "I'm arguing that there's no solid proof. There's no solid proof whatsoever of the so called human camps.

"Yeah, the only proof they get is some very vague satellite images which could literally be anything.

"Have you ever actually got in contact with the authorities or with anyone who actually stayed at that camp?"|

Maajid pointed out that he has actually been in contact with Uyghurs.

Maajid Nawaz continued: "So Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, Uyghur urvivors, satellite pictures and now US legislation that enshrined into law that this is happening. None of that convinces you?"

The caller disputed the number.

Maajid replied: "So there are concentration camps but the number is not one million, yeah?"

The caller responded: "The purpose of the educational, so-called educational camp, is to provide the person who won't be able to financially supply themselves.

"It's basically almost like a adults university or adults training centre or whatever you would like to call it."

Maajid replied: "So let me ask you, do they have a choice to go to this adult university or are they forced to go?"

Chen didn't know. He said: "Some of them might have to."

jid Nawaz schools caller who denies the existence of Chinese internment camps
jid Nawaz schools caller who denies the existence of Chinese internment camps. Picture: PA

Maajid asked: "Is there anything you're concerned about when it comes to these re-education camps, which by the way, is also a term Stalin used... but nevertheless, is there anything you're concerned about?"

Chen said: "Would you be concerned if the Labour or the Conservative government is providing a free education for the person who can't afford living because of lack of leading skills?"

Maajid gave Chen an opportunity to say something about President Xi Jinping.

He replied: "There are things I don't like about him. But that's not the point."