We’re Being Hypocrites, Shamima Begum Is Our Problem: Maajid Nawaz

21 February 2019, 13:27

Those who support deporting foreign terrorists out of Britain but want Shamima Begum barred from returning are being hypocrites, Maajid Nawaz said.

The LBC presenter said he does not care for the “idiotic” Isis bride but warned against entering “1984 territory” if she’s left stateless.

“We have to own our problem,” Maajid said to Nick Ferrari on Thursday.

Maajid Nawaz gave his verdict on Shamima Begum
Maajid Nawaz gave his verdict on Shamima Begum. Picture: LBC

Sajid Javid has insisted the 19-year-old Begum would not be left stateless.

The Home Secretary said he wouldn’t take a decision that would leave an individual with nowhere to go.

It's understood the government felt able to take such action because she is a dual national or has the right to citizenship elsewhere.