Storm Ciara: "I saw dead sheep whizzing past me down the river"

9 February 2020, 16:18

This eyewitness told LBC of the shocking moment she saw a flock of dead sheep floating down the river past her house.

Dozens of domestic and international flights have been cancelled and train passengers have been warned not to travel as the storm hits the country.

Thousands of homes across the country have been left without power, with 29,000 without electricity across the east, 2,000 in the south east and 1,500 near Penrith.

Angela lives in the mountains of northern Wales, one of the places hit hardest by Storm Ciara, and speaking to Maajid Nawaz, she revealed her village is currently cut off.

Maajid Nawaz heard from an eyewitness to Storm Ciara
Maajid Nawaz heard from an eyewitness to Storm Ciara. Picture: PA / LBC

She said: "Through my garden is a river which comes from the tallest waterfall in England and Wales. It's flowing faster than I've seen it in years.

"I've seen a dead sheep whizz by, as well as several large logs and trees.

"The valley road is flooded, so we're cut off at the moment."

The Met Office has an amber warning for wind in place for much of England and Wales until 9pm.

A major incident was declared in Lancashire due to the volume of incidents across the county, according to Chief Fire Officer Justin Johnston, who added: "Please do not travel unless absolutely necessary."

Gusts of 93 miles per hour were recorded in Aberdaron, a village at the tip of the Llyn Peninsula, in north Wales, while Cumbria saw 151.8mm of rain in 24 hours.

The town of Appleby-in-Westmorland in the county was hit by severe flooding as the River Eden burst its banks, with residents battling to protect their homes.

Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service urged people not to drive through floodwater after they rescued a number of motorists.