Student condemns universities for 'inhumane' lockdown on campuses

27 September 2020, 15:08

By Seán Hickey

This caller revealed that she had left her campus days before it was locked down, and couldn't work out how universities are justifying keeping students locked in their halls.

Paradee went home just before lockdown was announced on St Andrew's, and told Maajid Nawaz that the university isn't allowing people home "because in-person teaching for some reason is starting."

The student wondered why in-person teaching is going ahead while students are being isolated from the outside world.

"If you're not allowed to see people from other houses, why are you allowing fifteen people in one room?"

Maajid sympathised with Paradee, noticing that the social life that many people have experienced in university has been missed by this years freshers.

The caller told Maajid that her sister is a year ahead of her in uni and us thriving in her personal and social lives.

"I can't see me ever having that in the next few years I'm at uni," she feared.

Students across the UK have been locked in their halls of residence amid outbreaks in universities
Students across the UK have been locked in their halls of residence amid outbreaks in universities. Picture: PA

Maajid tried to reassure Paradee, telling her she should find solace in knowing she is living through a "hugely impactful global moment."

She accepted this, but added that universities are "not really taking into account student's mental health at all" by implementing this lockdown.

The caller said that students should be allowed to return home if they want to, noting that there will be a mental health crisis following this.

Asked if she thought universities would prevent students going home for Christmas, Paradee told Maajid it would be "inhumane" to do so.

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