Suspending Brexit the best way to stop coronavirus says Maajid Nawaz caller

8 March 2020, 15:09 | Updated: 8 March 2020, 15:24

By Seán Hickey

The caller told Maajid that the scientists she works with claimed if Brexit was delayed, we could battle coronavirus more effectively.

Claire from Marylebone was on the line speaking to Maajid on how she believed the UK could best fight against coronavirus. She began with "the first thing we must do is suspend Brexit", which Maajid could hardly believe his ears.

The caller went on to stress that "we must concentrate on the crisis" in front of us rather than think of other distractions such as Brexit.

Maajid asked the caller if she actually suggested to suspend Brexit, and she confirmed with the point that within the medical community it is vital to "work with medical and research units in Europe". "We have our own 21st century pandemic" she claimed and used this point to demonstrate the need for unity rather than division.

The caller claimed that the UK needs to work within the EU to combat coronavirus
The caller claimed that the UK needs to work within the EU to combat coronavirus. Picture: PA

Maajid claimed that a Brexiteer would claim that the coronavirus "is every reason we need to Brexit" and asked why we should suspend Brexit and continue with "free movement with the European Union" in a time of emergency.

It became apparent that the caller was not an expert and claimed that she was not a scientist. She told Maajid that she works alongside scientists and such is where her claims came from.

"I suggest to you not to try lend your voice as authority" Maajid stated, asking Claire to consider that someone wouldn't give medical advice if they weren't a doctor, but was friends with a few.