This Is Maajid's Four-Point Liberal Brexit Plan

4 February 2017, 13:24 | Updated: 4 February 2017, 17:13

Maajid Four-Point Brexit Plan

Maajid Nawaz has said Remainers need to stop 'Remoaning'. Here he outlines the Brexit liberals should push for.

LBC Presenter Maajid Nawaz thinks Remainers need to stop 'Remoaning' and accept the referendum result now that Article 50 has been triggered. 

On his Saturday afternoon show he said: "Remainers who are listening, people like me, from now on, should we start looking ahead and start saying OK Brexit is going to happen, let's stop denying it. 

"Let's hold the government to account as to what a successful Liberal Brexit should look like, versus a Conservative Brexit. Is that the debate now going forward? I think it is.

"I think it's high time Remainers stopped Remoaning. I think it's high time that we accepted the result and decided instead to shape the future with a liberal vision because it's going to happen regardless. Nothing I can do about it. Nothing the 48 per cent can do about it anymore.

"We lost. So maybe if we started being a bit positive about the future, we could shape the direction." 

He then went on to outline the Brexit liberals should push for in his four-point plan.