Maajid: The Tories Have Gone For The Most Vulnerable Sectors Of Our Society

21 May 2017, 13:55 | Updated: 21 May 2017, 14:40

Maajid Nawaz is not happy about the Conservatives manifesto pledges on social care, and the proposed abolition of free school lunches.

Last week the Conservatives released their party manifesto, but two prospective policies have left Maajid pretty riled up.

A re-elected Tory government would make those in need of social care pay for the costs out of their own assets.

But pensioners will stop paying for their own care once savings and assets are down to £100,000. 

At present only £23,250 is protected, but the manifesto also ditched plans to to cap people’s care liabilities at £72,000, which is put in the Care Act 2014 and was due for implementation in 2020.

The manifesto reads: "No matter how large the cost of care turns out to be, people will always retain at least £100,000 of their savings and assets, including value in the family home."

Winter fuel payments for pensioners will also be means-tested and people will pay more towards home care visits.

Maajid thinks this targets the elderly in an unfair way, and there's another policy which he thinks will detrimentally affect 'vulnerable' children. 

The manifesto also announced that universal free lunches for infants will be stopped if the party is elected, but those from the poorest backgrounds will still be entitled to a free midday meal. 

Maajid can't believe it, and he's not alone.

The Tories have dropped in the polls and a YouGov poll said 40 per cent of Britons opposed the Conservative plan.

Watch the clip to see what Maajid had to say.