Trans caller perfectly explains why LGBTQ teaching at schools is not "confusing"

3 February 2020, 14:27

A trans caller told LBC that if children are not confused over being taught about dinosaurs, then they should have no problems with LGBTQ lessons.

Kerry, who transitioned three days before their 72nd birthday last month, said that because children learn about dinosaurs in schools, LGBT teachings should not be confusing for them either.

Speaking to Maajid Nawaz, the caller said: “Do we teach children that dinosaurs existed 65 millions years ago?

“Should we not be teaching something else, because maybe that would confuse them that dinosaurs aren’t real things.

“But yes, they did exist and they are there.”

Maajid agreed and added: "This is why I think it is a bit primitive in the brain for anyone to think you can catch this. These aren't viruses. These are internal traits that somebody feels inside themselves.

"By talking to you Kerry, I'm not going to suddenly go home and scratch myself and wonder if I am trans.

Kerry said that as a child they grew up knowing that they were a “bit different” but hid their true feelings while raising a family with three children.

“People who are gay are born gay, they don’t acquire it during their lifetime,” Kerry explained.

Trans caller perfectly explains why LGBTQ teaching is not confusing
Trans caller perfectly explains why LGBTQ teaching is not confusing. Picture: PA

Kerry added: “People who are trans are born trans, indefinitely trans, they might not know until a later age, but to be taught it a young, there is nothing wrong.”

She concluded: “So what is happening in the world right now - not only in this country, religious zealots state side - there is a great erosion in the LGBT rights right across the world, especially in the United States and we don’t want to see that in this country.

"People have to get real. We exist.”