Maajid Nawaz: Would You Trust Corbyn With The Power To Inject You Against Your Will?

18 May 2019, 13:50 | Updated: 18 May 2019, 14:08

Maajid Nawaz gives this summary of why compulsory vaccinations are a bad idea after Health Secretary Matt Hancock said he would not rule it out.

Matt Hancock said that he would not rule out compulsory vaccinations against diseases such as measles after scepticism over the vaccination grew over social media.

The Health Secretary had described people promoting anti-vaccination rhetoric as 'morally reprehensible' and 'deeply irresponsible', adding they "have blood on their hands".

But Maajid Nawaz thinks compulsory vaccinations are a step too far, questioning wether future governments could be trusted.

"Why would we trust any future government, even if we trusted this one with the power," he started.

"In 50 years time who knows who will be Prime Minister and there lies the problem.

"Those of you who are anti-Trump, would you trust President Trump with the power to inject you against your wishes and trust him to be free from big pharmaceutical influence?

"And those who are anti-Corbyn, would you trust Jeremy Corbyn to have to power to inject you against your wishes?

"Whether you're left-wing or right-wing, I can conjure up images for you to caution you against granting the state that much power."

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