U-turn on Huawei deal avoids UK being "bought out in the name of communism"

5 July 2020, 14:20

By Seán Hickey

The government's U-turn on the Huawei 5G deal has been an important marker for the UK to put an end to China's influence over the nation.

Amid news that the UK will begin to phase Chinese telecoms giant Huawei out of it's 5G network, Maajid Nawaz suggested that it is a timely decision, that has saved the UK from become dangerously reliant on the Chinese Communist Party.

Maajid spoke about the 48 Group, a lobbying group that has spoke on in the House of Lords to discuss foreign relations with China. He referenced an article which showed links between this group and the Chinese Communist Party, highlighting the influence the CCP may already have in British business and politics.

He felt like the phasing out of Chinese telecoms giant Huawei from Britains 5G network was a decision made just in time. "Once we're dependant on China for our technology...imagine they then got 5G and then bought up British Steel.

"With the 48 group working in parliament, do you think we'd ever be able to liberate ourselves from that level of influence?"

Telecoms giant Huawei will be prevented from building the UK's 5G infrastructure
Telecoms giant Huawei will be prevented from building the UK's 5G infrastructure. Picture: PA

He said that if Huawei were allowed control over the 5G network, Britain would be too reliant on Chinese business in her infrastructure. He suggested that politicians have been so quiet on the matter until now because of the economic power of China and their potential investments in the UK economy.

"That's how they're buying influence and that's why you don't hear politicians criticising China as strongly as they should until recently.

"The PM is beginning to make a U-turn on the Huawei deal and the reason is because voices refuse to remain silent on this."

"what China has been doing is buying out people on the left and right in the name of communism" Maajid said, and the UK has been no exception until the government U-turn on Huawei.