Maajid Nawaz: UK must never return to 'regressive' lockdown measures

13 September 2020, 15:07 | Updated: 13 September 2020, 15:11

By Seán Hickey

Maajid Nawaz argued evidence now shows 'regressive' coronavirus measures are not as effective as a Swedish or South Korean model and so we should follow them.

Maajid Nawaz began by pointing out that the new 'rule of six' measures "will have a disproportional impact on the most vulnerable, because guess what, that's how regressive measures work."

He could support this claim through what the UK has already seen through the impact lockdown had on ethnic minorities.

"These measures don't address the science" he assessed and noted that"the science and the social justice angle speak loudly against these regressive national measures."

Maajid made the case that because we have seen the impact some aspects of lockdown had on the UK, we should learn from this and adapt if there is to be another clamp down.

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"If you're saying that the South Korean model works," Maajid said, "please let's never again use regressive blanket measures to tackle what the science is telling us is not needed with coronavirus."

he called on government to rise above knee-jerk reactions to a rise in cases and to look outward to find out how we can quell a second peak in a different way than national lockdown.

"Let's not return to this alarmist and frankly scientifically ignorant debate that we need to shut the country down again because of fear."