Maajid Nawaz: Trans-Pacific deal brings us closer to agreement with USA

31 January 2021, 15:08

By Seán Hickey

The UK's proposed deal with the trans-Pacific trade bloc will edge us closer to a deal with the US, Maajid Nawaz assures listeners.

"If you're complaining that we're part of a society where bigotry and hatred and division is on the rise to which we can all agree, look to the way we behave with people we disagree with," Maajid Nawaz began, pointing out that debating the ethics of Brexit does not reverse where we are.

"We've got to calm the tempo. We've got to relieve some of the pressure in this debate."

He pointed toward the proposals of the International Trade Secretary in trying to strike a trade deal with the trans-Pacific bloc, including Canada, New Zealand and Australia – nations which Maajid proposed we strike a collective deal with in the past.

He called on Remainers to begin "acknowledging progress when it is made," and the CPTPP deal is a starting point.

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"Once it's done," he suggested, "then we can turn to the US and try and get a trade deal with the US."

He argued that "you don't want to go to the US alone" and membership of the CPTPP trading bloc will bolster the UK's position in negotiations.

Maajid was immensely positive in his assessment of the situation, hinting that a "renaissance in trade" could be imminent after the pandemic.

"As long as there's life, then there's hope."