"Asking where coronavirus came from isn't racist - it's legitimate"

3 May 2020, 14:35

By Seán Hickey

Maajid Nawaz insisted that questioning China on details of how coronavirus became a pandemic is not racist.

Maajid was criticising the Chinese Communist Party's approach to coronavirus through their threats of action if investigations were to be carried out. Nearing the end of the topic he assured listeners he would not be fazed by criticisms of his approach to delicate topics.

"I'm getting messages calling me racist for wanting to have this conversation" Maajid said, but he insisted that these suggestions are "water off a duck's back."

"I am a Muslim that has been called an anti-Muslim" Maajid pointed out, assuring the public that if he was to be stopped questioning the world, he would have stopped after that particular accusation.

"It's already been tried with me dear Chinese communist party" he jokingly stated.

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Maajid assured listeners that it is definitely not racist to "not only to ask where coronavirus came from and how it began" but to question other topics that are related to different religions or ethnicities.

He added that under no circumstances it is "racist for wanting to understand the factors of where this virus has come from" but rather stating that "it is an entirely legitimate question to ask".