Maajid Nawaz: Where Was Jeremy Hunt During The NHS Cyber Attack?

13 May 2017, 13:51 | Updated: 13 May 2017, 14:45

Maajid Nawaz wants to know why the Health Secretary has remained silent while the NHS suffered a severe cyber attack yesterday.

Forty Five NHS organisations were subjected to a debilitating cyber attack yesterday and Maajid Nawaz has a fair few questions for the Health Secretary. 

The LBC Presenter pointed out there had been warnings two years ago that NHS computer systems were vulnerable to cyber attacks - so why had nothing been done to update them?

He added that Jeremy Hunt has failed to make a statement, official or on his social media, about the cyber attack - but why? 

Maajid said: "We are not only woefully underprepared, there is a level, I would say, of criminal negligence. I use that word advisedly, I don't suggest that Jeremy Hunt be prosecuted, but I am wondering.  

"Just think about this for a moment, we were looking into this before I came on air, just about 10 minutes ago, and Sandra actually, my lovely producer here, said to me: "Hang on, this is a bit funny." 

"I said: "What's that Sandra?"

"She said: "Where's Jeremy Hunt?  

"And I said: "That's a good point, can we look into when he last publicly commented on his social media?" Last Monday!  

"I imagine that held true for the last 10 minutes while I've been on air, but he hasn't commented on social media since last Monday. And as for this issue, which happened yesterday afternoon, where is Jeremy Hunt?  

"Does anybody know where the Health Secretary is? When we've just had one of the most chaotic experiences of foreign hacking, criminal hacking, ever to hit our National Health Service?  

"Over 40 health organisations have been hit in this way, where is the Health Secretary? What is his view on this? 

"What is his answer to the question, and if you're listening Jeremy Hunt, do feel free to call in and give us an answer, what is his answer to the question as to why Windows XP continued to be used for our hospitals, when two years ago they were warned?  

"It took us two minutes to Google that article, the headline of which I read out to you. From May two years ago in 2015. 'UK government PCs open to hackers as paid Windows XP support ends'.  

"I'm now going to read the sub headline: 'Thousands of computers still running Windows XP at risk, after Government Digital Service opted not to renew support in April'.  

"I'm in fact going to read you the first paragraph, because it predicts everything that's going to happen: 'The Government Digital Service will not extend its 5.5 million pound deal with Microsoft to extend support for Windows XP, leaving government computers that still run on the obsolete operating system at risk from hackers'.  

"That was two years ago, Mr Hunt. And so while the NHS is in crisis, I use the word advisedly, I did say criminal negligence, there is certainly negligence involved here.  

"You had been warned, you had been told this could happen, and patients' lives are at risk. And unless and until something is done about this, not just in the NHS, but across our civilian infrastructure - I shudder to think the day when we see murder by hacking occur in this country.  

"But that is something, I can assure you, that even if we're lacking in the imagination to comprehend, some nasty sinister terrorists out there already, are already concocting plans to make sure that that happens."