What's Next After Women-Only Carriages? Brown-Only Carriages, Says Maajid Nawaz

23 August 2017, 12:02

Maajid Nawaz destroyed the idea of having women-only carriages on trains in Britain, saying it's just a step away from having browns-only carriages.

Labour MP Chris Williamson has suggested creating women-only train carriages in order to combat the rise in sexual offences on public transport.

But Maajid pointed out that racist attacks are also on the rise, so shouldn't brown people also be segregated for protection.

Speaking on LBC, he said: "Women shouldn't be blamed for being women. So where do you stop?

"Are you going to start saying OK well racial violence and racist tension has gone up so let's start having racially-segregated carriages as a way to start racist violence. Does that make sense?

"So if somebody doesn't want to sit next to me on the train because they don't like the colour of my skin and I get attacked, maybe the solution is I have a browns-only carriage that I sit in so that I don't get attacked.

"And then in future, if I am attacked in the whites-only carriage, somebody says to me 'Well Sir, I wonder why you weren't sitting in the browns-only carriage.' Because that's the kind of logic that's being used here."

Maajid Nawaz questioned why we should have women-only carriages
Maajid Nawaz questioned why we should have women-only carriages. Picture: LBC

Maajid was very critical of the Labour Party, asking why their male MPs are telling women to segregate themselves.

He continued: "And I'm just aghast, I'm just appalled at the fact that this kind of logic is being uttered by people who nominally consider themselves progressive, after everything that the suffragettes fought for, after all the strides and gains we made in sexual equality, after we finally recognise that the length of a woman's skirt whether long or short isn't to be blamed for her being sexually assaulted.

"We're going backwards it seems. It seems that people that are nominally members of the progressive party, the Labour Party, are headed backwards rather than forwards, regressive rather than progressive.

"What is happening to Labour? If the leader of the party himself only two years ago could float such a policy only to be shot down by his female MPs and now another member of the Labour Party, another MP, has floated the same thing, another male, mind you then what on earth is going on?

"Why are women being told by male members of the Labour Party that perhaps them segregating themselves from men could be the solution to sexual assault?

"What has happened to progressive values in the Labour Party?"