Maajid Nawaz Calls Out World Leaders Over Reactions To Sri Lanka And Christchurch Attacks

22 April 2019, 11:09 | Updated: 22 April 2019, 11:14

Maajid Nawaz compares the responses of world leaders between the attack on Muslims in New Zealand and that on Christians in Sri Lanka, calling out a change in tone between the two.

After a terrorist attack on Christians and tourists in Sri Lanka, Maajid Nawaz ready the responses of world leaders and compared them to their responses after Muslims were killed at Mosques in New Zealand.

Starting with the UK Prime Minister Theresa May, Maajid praised her response to the Christchurch massacre calling it "strong words of condemnation" but "coming straight off the back and calling it a terrorist attack".

Yet after the Easter Sunday attack in Sri Lanka, Maajid said that her response did not describe it as a terrorist attack and Christianity wasn't named.

"Nothing wrong with either tweet, the question is whether you are sensing a difference in tone," he said.

Moving on to former US President Barack Obama, Maajid pointed out that his tweets didn't mention Christians when referring to the Sri Lanka attack but did name Muslims after Christchurch.

And on Hillary Clinton, Maajid praised her strong condemnation.

"Her condemnation named the Muslim community, named racism and Islamophobia, and named white supremacist terrorists and the need to stop them."

Maajid said: "I've just named three global leaders from a Liberal and a Conservative perspective after two respective terrorist attacks.

"One in New Zealand against my fellow Muslims and one in Sri Lanka against Christians who are at worship.

"As you can see from the tone, when it came to the New Zealand one, almost all of them mention that it was an attack against the Muslim community and it was a terrorist attack.

"Yet when it came to Sri Lanka, why say Easter worshipers?

"Why not come out straight away and say this is an attack against Christians?"

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