Anna Soubry Should Face By-Election After Quitting Conservatives, Says Andrew Bridgen

23 February 2019, 11:19 | Updated: 24 February 2019, 08:15

Andrew Bridgen calls for Anna Soubry and other Tory defectors to face by-elections in their constituencies for their hypocrisy in campaigning for a second Brexit referendum.

Speaking to Matt Frei, the Conservative MP and ERG member said that Anna Soubry was "hypocritical" for not standing for re-election after she quit the party.

Mr Bridgen said that previous MPs who defected to Ukip, Douglas Carswell and Mark Reckless "did the decent thing" by standing for re-election in their constituencies.

"I think if you're promoting, as they do, that we need to consult the people about the referendum, I think it's hypocritical that they change party and don't go back to their people and have a by-election," he said.

"In good conscience, to your electorate, if you move party, then you should have a election."

The Tory also said that Cabinet Ministers who called for Article 50 to be delayed should resign.

Amber Rudd, Greg Clark and David Gauke publicly warned that Brexit should be delayed if Parliament can not approve a deal in the coming days, adding that they are prepared to vote against the Prime Minister.

Mr Bridgen said: "The rules on collective responsibility for ministers and cabinet ministers are very clear, if you don't agree with the government policy then you should resign.

"It's very straight forward."

But when Matt put to him that they won't be sacked from the Cabinet for fears it would split the party "beyond repair", he said: "we don't need to".

"The Prime Minister's position is very clear, she's said more than 108 times in the chamber of the House of Commons that we are leaving the European Union on the 29th March.

"And if we take no-deal off the table, there is no prospect of any meaningful renegotiation with the European Union over the withdrawal agreement."