Boris is vital to UK's fight back against coronavirus says Lord Heseltine

11 April 2020, 13:34 | Updated: 11 April 2020, 13:35

By Seán Hickey

Former Deputy Prime Minister Lord Michael Heseltine believes that Boris Johnson is crucial to the UK getting back on its feet.

Lord Heseltine joined Matt Frei to discuss the UK's plans for coming out of lockdown from coronavirus when the conversation turned to the importance of Boris Johnson.

"Getting out of this mess does require thought and planning" according to Lord Heseltine and the person best suited to fronting this according to him- the Prime Minister, is stuck in hospital.

The former Conservative MP noted that it is "difficult to see who in government has the experience or motivation" to take up the space that Boris has left and he believes that missing the Prime Minister during this time is a huge loss.

The Prime Minister has been in hospital since Monday
The Prime Minister has been in hospital since Monday. Picture: Getty

Lord Heseltine told Matt Frei that "Boris has a unique role to play, and we need him back", especially as the UK begins to plan for moving from lockdown.

Matt asked Lord Heseltine if he thought the PM will change from his experience, to which the former Deputy Prime Minister said that Boris Johnson's character is too strong for him to lose sight of the end goal of the UK's coronavirus response.

"He's a ball of energy and he gets on with things" Lord Heseltine said. He believes the PM will be quick to get back to work after his time in hospital and get back to working on the UK's fight against coronavirus.