Boris Johnson's former boss would 'probably vote for Keir Starmer'

18 December 2021, 16:31

By Tim Dodd

Boris Johnson's former boss Sir Max Hastings told LBC he would "probably vote for Keir Starmer" if there was an election today as the Tories have "shown their own unfitness" by making Mr Johnson the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson yesterday spoke out over a "constant litany of stuff" in the media about politics and politicians in recent weeks after the 'very disappointing' drubbing in the North Shropshire by-election.

Mr Hastings told Matt Frei: "I'm sometimes asked 'do I hate Boris Johnson', I certainly don't.

"I've always thought he was an absolutely brilliant journalist and entertainer.

"I was absolutely stunned by the idea that anybody else should ever have thought that he was a fit person for public life.

"The people I've really got it in for are not Boris Johnson... It's the people who put him there. They knew he was a clown, they knew he was an entertainer, they knew he was not a serious person, they knew that he cared only for himself and never showed any evidence of caring for any other human being except himself."

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Matt Frei asked: "If there was an election today, who would you vote for?"

"I would probably vote for Keir Starmer because I think that Britain desperately needs a change of government," Mr Hastings said.

"I think the Tories have shot their bolt and shown their own unfitness for power by making Boris Johnson Prime Minister."

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