Caller pleads with nation to wear face coverings in public

10 October 2020, 13:35 | Updated: 10 October 2020, 14:26

By Seán Hickey

This caller told Matt Frei that her daughter saw her die as a result of a respiratory virus - and demanded listeners save lives like hers by wearing masks.

Tina told Matt Frei she was "rather disturbed" by callers who phoned in to insist they wouldn't abide by new coronavirus rules which could make mask wearing in public mandatory.

"I believe that everybody has the right to their own opinion" the caller began, "but what ever happened to prevention is better than cure?"

She went on to share that nine years ago she had a virus like the current virus and it cost her her heart - and her life.

"I died in coronary care in front of my daughter, they put the defibrillator on me and brought me back to life and then I had a heart transplant," Tina said.

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She told Matt that "if you can save a life, you save a life" and the easiest way to do so is by wearing a face covering in public.

Tina insisted that people who aren't sure whether or not to wear masks outdoors should "put it on regardless" in an effort to slow the spread.

"Just wear it, full stop."