Caller Disapproves Of Schoolchildren Speaking Their "Native Language"

19 July 2017, 10:41 | Updated: 19 July 2017, 10:47

She told Matt Frei: “Being an Asian myself, the Asian children would come together at lunchtime and speak in their native language."

The caller, Tina, explained that she “went to a school that was heavily diverse.

“There was a good balance of where the children came from.”

She went on to say “I had the unfortunate luck of living in east London for two years of my life.”

"My neighbours children, when I tried to have a conversation with them in English. They struggled to put a sentence together that was grammatically correct.

“They were born and brought up here. Just like I was.”

Matt Frei
Matt Frei. Picture: LBC

Matt Frei said that it “sounds to me you’re in favour of government legislation to make sure there is the right kind of mix and that everyone has to speak the same language.”

Tina said: “there should be a good balance.

“I’m not in favour of those schools where I go into east London and I see a whole class full of just one kind of background."

She went onto say that "the teachers have struggled to put a sentence together. I’ve seen them talk to the children in their native language.

“How are they supposed to grow up, go and find a job and actually be able to put a sentence together without looking a bit daft."

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