Brexit voter fears no-deal, offers solution to level playing field stalemate

12 December 2020, 12:06 | Updated: 12 December 2020, 13:08

By Seán Hickey

This caller admitted if he was to vote again he would vote remain, but offered some solutions to the current Brexit impasse.

"I voted to leave because I believed what was said that it'd be very easy to get a deal, it now turns out that that was a very basic misconception," caller Andrew told Matt Frei.

"I did not not--never would have voted leave on the basis of no-deal."

The caller told Matt that he "greatly regrets" where his vote has taken the UK and confessed that if given the choice again, he would vote remain.

The caller added that although he is fearful of the current situation, there is a way ahead: "In terms of where we are in the deal I actually think there is a way where they can still get a deal," Andrew insisted.

The caller pointed towards the current stalemate on the proposed level playing field, which would have the UK comply with and changes in UK regulations should they change in future.

He reminded Matt that "nobody knows if that's going to happen," and so the Government should cross that bridge if it comes.

"If in the future side A makes a change which side B doesn't want to follow, which will make the...playing field no longer level," he argued, then either side should give a six-month grace period before reverting back to no-deal.

Matt pointed out that European Commission President Ursula Von Der Leyen made a suggestion during the week that an agreement of this sort could be on the table.