Caller's daughter 'locked inside' uni halls amid outbreak

26 September 2020, 14:33

By Seán Hickey

This father had a shocking revelation about his daughter's first weeks of university - she has been locked in her halls without any sign of when she will be released.

Andrew told Matt Frei that "without any warning private security operatives came down and literally locked their halls."

His daughter had moved to Manchester Met University three weeks ago before the university was shit down after an outbreak of coronavirus cases.

He told Matt that his daughter can't "go out to buy food, can't buy essentials, nobody can come in or out."

"When she questioned that, they said the university would be sending an email" the caller noted, but said that after he phoned the university he couldn't get through to anyone.

The caller told Matt his daughter was locked up 'like a prisoner'
The caller told Matt his daughter was locked up 'like a prisoner'. Picture: PA

"I'm not quite sure how they're allowed do things like this," Andrew fumed, expressing real sympathy for his daughter who wanted to go travelling rather than study, but the pandemic cut that short.

"She may as well have stayed at home," he summarised.

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