Caller's emotional plea for public to continue obeying Covid-19 guidelines

19 September 2020, 14:28 | Updated: 19 September 2020, 16:29

Caller's emotional plea to listeners calling for lockdown ease

By Seán Hickey

This heartbroken caller begged listeners to continue abiding by coronavirus regulations, as lives are being saved by doing so.

China was a first time caller and hit out at Matt Frei for facilitating a debate on how the UK should go forward through the coronavirus pandemic as fewer and fewer people support further restrictions. 52, had breast cancer 2 yr ago

"The media are not helping," she insisted, "and Matt you're not helping."

China told Matt that she had battled breast cancer two years ago and thanks to people abiding by restrictions, she is set to have a mammogram as part of her recovery. She feared that as people take matters into their own hands, they're putting her safety at risk.

"We're just not taking this seriously enough," the caller said.

When Matt prodded and asked what China would suggest people do to get through the crisis, she said she "would love all people across the United Kingdom just to come together."

The caller insisted that testing and mask wearing need to be priorities
The caller insisted that testing and mask wearing need to be priorities. Picture: PA

"If i die because I don't get my mammogram because people are not testing us, what's the point?"

She went on to tell Matt that the UK needs to "sort out" the wearing of masks and mass testing in order to allow a return to more structured life.

The caller told Matt that she was "incensed" that the Government aren't quicker to address the issues in our pandemic response and that the public must take some responsibility.