Cancer sufferer vows to bend "absurd" lockdown rules and meet his children

16 May 2020, 13:08 | Updated: 16 May 2020, 14:47

Cancer sufferer vows to bend "absurd" rules and meet his children

By Seán Hickey

This cancer patient told LBC that as his condition worsens, he is thinking more about breaking lockdown regulations.

Simon spoke to Matt Frei a fortnight ago about his cancer and how he was going through an internal struggle of whether he should live out his days the way he wished – to travel to the seaside with his wife.

He updated Matt on his condition, revealing that his "eight tumours are growing significantly" and after receiving this news he and his wife concluded that they "need to get out in this van and knowing we are breaking the rules, we don't get a second shot at this."

Simon went to visit his doctor to get a note allowing him to take the journey he wished for and told Matt that he and his wife "went down to the beach in Cornwall and saw the sea." He added that while on the west coast, he went to visit his 85 year old mother who has been on her own since lockdown began, with social distance being practiced.

"To see her was absolutely fantastic" Simon told Matt. Matt wanted to know why, in his condition was he still following the lockdown restrictions when meeting his mother. Simon said that "its that intrinsic, not wanting to break the rules" that kept him from hugging his mother. "We had tonnes of arguments over we shouldn't be doing it because we are fundamentally breaking the rules."

Matt commended Simon's obedience, pointing out that "many would say to hell with the rules" if they were in the situation Simon found himself in. "If I reflect on that it probably would be the sensible thing to do in my situation" he said. The caller added that he is still unable to see his children and branded it absurd that "I can go to a park and meet a random stranger but I cannot see my children."

Seeing the error of his ways in obeying the rules during his final months, Simon revealed that he will look to see his children "in an external environment" in future.

Matt was curious to know if there was any advice that Simon would offer the public after experiencing what he has. He told LBC listeners to "make each day so special, make the most of it."

"Every moment is so special, do the things that mean something to you" he urged the public.

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