Independent SAGE member urges public to ignore Christmas easing

12 December 2020, 13:22

By Seán Hickey

This expert urged Brits to ignore the Government's easing of restrictions over Christmas, warning that friends and relatives will die over the period if social distancing isn't obeyed.

"The first thing to say is that the number of cases are not great across the country," Dr Gabriel Scally pointed out. He told Matt Frei that people must continue to abide by social distancing over the holiday period.

He told Matt that he is "quite convinced" the Government's plan to ease restrictions for 5 days over Christmas is a bad idea, insisting "the figures just don't stack up to it being a safe Christmas."

The Independent SAGE member reminded listeners that "just because the Government says you can relax things...doesn't mean that it's a good idea."

He suggested that the PM should look at an alternative celebration, "maybe the middle of June," when it will be safer to gather in groups.

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The Government has planned a 5 day restriction ease over Christmas
The Government has planned a 5 day restriction ease over Christmas. Picture: PA

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Matt asked Dr Scally what he would do to advise listeners gathering over the festive period.

"Don't have a gathering if you can avoid it," Dr Scally insisted, adding that if people want to meet over the holidays they should do so outdoors, but if it is indoors, the setting must be well ventilated.

"Making merry with friends and relations over Christmas means you might bury some of those friends and relations in January," the health expert warned.

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