Clegg: Trump Means We Need EU Military Cooperation

12 November 2016, 12:36 | Updated: 13 November 2016, 11:46

Nick Clegg

Nick Clegg says that Donald Trump's isolationism means that we need to stand with Europe on security.

The former deputy prime minister told Matt Frei that Donald Trump’s views on NATO mean that we should consider boosting our military cooperation with EU member states.

"Let's be very clear an isolationist US president is really bad for Europe. Our whole continents security is based on the idea that 'Uncle Sam' (will come to our aid)"

"We are faced with a choice. If we are no longer at one end of the transatlantic bridge which had always guaranteed our safety. The two things that guaranteed our safety, NATO and our seat at the European Union."

Those are both now either disappearing or significantly weakening. Then we have a choice, either we drift in the  mid-Atlantic, or when we leave the economic European Union we actually deepen our commitment to European security arrangements."