Trump's niece: 'Extremely unlikely' Donald Trump will accept defeat in Election

7 November 2020, 12:18 | Updated: 7 November 2020, 13:49

By Seán Hickey

President Donald Trump's niece has warned that the President is attempting a coup by his inflammatory rhetoric during the election counting.

Mary Trump told Matt Frei on Channel 4 News that her uncle "is facing something that is utterly intolerable for him and we see that playing out through his surrogates."

"It's not simply that he's losing," she noted. "It's that the Republicans are gaining seats in the house, and it looks like the Republicans might hang on to the Senate."

The author told Matt that the results of the Presidential race is "a repudiation only of him, and that's going to make him even angrier."

Matt wondered if "there will be a scintilla of regret" from Donald Trump for the questionable things he has said in his time as President of the United States.

"That would mean he would have to acknowledge he's done something wrong," Ms Trump quipped.

Joe Biden continues to make gains during the election count
Joe Biden continues to make gains during the election count. Picture: PA

She reminded Matt that her uncle will remain the leader until January, warning "he can continue to do a lot of damage" while still at the helm.

"If he thinks he's going down, he will take the rest of us down with him."

Ms Trump added that "he said the legitimacy of the United States elections cannot be trusted," which not only is inflammatory, but is igniting tensions on the streets, which may result in violence.

"We can't be delicate about this," she said, warning that the President needs to be held accountable for his statements.

"The consequences of this cannot be underestimated."

Ms Trump predicted that no matter how convincing Joe Biden's win, "he will undermine a Biden-Harris administration at every turn in the hopes of rendering them as illegitimate."