EU Parliament Vice-President Says There's No Evidence Of Brexit Talks Between UK And EU

7 September 2019, 11:45 | Updated: 7 September 2019, 11:47

A Vice-President of the European Parliament has said there has been little to no "intense negotiations" between the UK and the EU.

Katarina Barley, German MEP and a Vice-President in the European Parliament, made the comment during an interview with LBC's Matt Frei.

She told the station: "There are no new proposals on the table, and more aggressive language doesn't change the facts and doesn't change the situation.

"If a no deal is what Boris Johnson wants that is always something he can get, but as I see it the majority of MPs and the population do not want a hard Brexit."

Matt pointed out comments made by the EU's chief negotiator Michel Barnier that talks were "at paralysis", and asked Ms Barley what evidence she has seen of serious negotiations between the UK and the EU.

She responded: "None to be honest, but of course if you don't have new proposals and any new impulses, what talks make sense?

"I have seen that there have been talk with the American President, which have been interesting too, and I think that is an example of what the European Union is actually good for.

"Now you have Britain negotiating with this huge partner, this huge country, and you can very well see the mismatch."

It follows the accusation that Prime Minister Boris Johnson is lying when he claims that Britain and the EU are close to agreeing a new Brexit deal.