Chinese regime 'a real threat to liberal democracies,' warns former HK Governor

13 March 2021, 14:22

By Seán Hickey

The last Governor of Hong Kong calls on western powers to 'stand up' against China's tightening grip on the former British colony.

Laws were recently passed in Hong Kong which clamp down on dissent against the Chinese Communist regime and removes many democratic aspects of governance in the state.

Lord Christopher Patten spoke to Matt Frei in the wake of these laws.

Matt noted that the people of Hong Kong "want Britain to do more for Hong Kong now" and wondered what Lord Patten thought the UK can do to support Hong Kongers whose rights are being suppressed.

"I'm not sure how much at the moment we can actually stop," the former Hong Kong Governor claimed.

He suggested that the strongest action the UK can take is to "work with all our friends and allies in open societies to make sure that China recognises there is a price to pay."

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Lord Patten lauded US President Biden's push for international cooperation on such matters, insisting that working with India and Australia has gone some way to "constrain Chinese behaviour" across Asia.

He went further to praise the Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary for their assurances given to British National Overseas passport holders but insisted that "there is plenty the Government can do," on top of such guarantees.

"We've got to stand up to them," Lord Patten concluded. "They're a real threat to liberal democracies, they've taken down Hong Kong because they see what it stands for."