"Mindless idiots" brought shame to Liverpool and don't represent the city - Mayor of Liverpool

27 June 2020, 12:19 | Updated: 27 June 2020, 12:22

By Seán Hickey

The Mayor of Liverpool was left furious by the actions of "a tiny minority" in disregarding lockdown rules and conducting anti-social behaviour.

Liverpool has seen a night of anti-social behaviour as the Liver Building caught fire after a firework was shot at it. There have been crowds of people flocking to the city after Liverpool FC won the Premier League for the first time in thirty years but many have been critical of the clear flouting of social distancing rules.

"How did it make you feel, those scenes" Matt Frei asked the Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson after his city has been the centre of widespread criticism.

"At the end of the day it makes me really sad, and emotional and angry" said Mr Anderson, adding that "it worries me that we're seeing this type of behaviour."

"That moronic behaviour is not representative of Liverpool football club.

"These are mindless idiots that sometimes go abroad...and claim themselves as ambassadors of our city" said the Mayor. "I know that culprit will be caught today by merseyside police...and he needs the book thrown at him."

Mayor Joe Anderson branded those firing fireworks at the Liver building as "moronic idiots"
Mayor Joe Anderson branded those firing fireworks at the Liver building as "moronic idiots". Picture: PA

The Mayor insisted that "everyone who represents Liverpool football club will condemn these acts" and in conversations with the club he confirmed this to be the case.

"I made comments this morning more in sorrow than in anger" said Mr Anderson, reminding listeners that Liverpool is very much still in the grips of coronavirus.

"We were making it absolutely clear...that we are not out of the woods yet" he said, revealing that he was "deeply shocked and concerned" by "the absolute disregard of those people."

Mr Anderson showed his anger by telling Matt that "the tiny minority have shamed the city and shamed Liverpool football club by their behaviour."

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