Irritated John Redwood: Boris Johnson's Media Insubordination Is "Extremely Helpful"

30 September 2017, 12:19 | Updated: 30 September 2017, 12:27

Matt Frei riled the Conservative MP by suggesting the Foreign Secretary's now weekly media interventions were undermining Theresa May.

Theresa May is under more Brexit-shaped pressure ahead of her party's conference - after Boris Johnson set out his key demands.

The Foreign Secretary's set four conditions in The Sun, including any transition period not being 'a second more' than two years.

There are suggestions the interview is a leadership bid with critics saying he should be sacked.

But leave-campaigning and audibly irritated Tory MP John Redwood has told Matt, he disagrees.

He said: "Why don't you try listening? It is extremely helpful to the country that a senior member of the government makes it extremely clear to the EU that we are not a pushover and that Britain has a perfectly good future with no deal.

"They need to start negotiating in a positive and friendly way like the Prime Minister is.

"The country needs to show some confidence, some verve, because we are in the stronger position not the EU.

"If you're not prepared to walkaway you're just a pushover and they dictate to you.

"I'm sure Theresa May will be leader of the Tory party after Christmas, she has my full support, she has been doing an excellent job."

Watch the full rant above.