Jack Charlton had a "heart of gold" says former teammate of World Cup winner

11 July 2020, 13:02 | Updated: 11 July 2020, 13:07

Alan Mullery remembers Jack Charlton

By Seán Hickey

A former England captain and teammate of Jack Charlton remembered the World Cup winner, who died today aged 85.

Alan Mullery described the late Jack Charlton as "a very very powerful man, a very strong willed man but a heart of gold" as he joined Matt Frei to remember the former England and Leeds legend.

He joked with a couple of fond memories of Mr Charlton before adding that on the pitch, "if you get too close to him you got a kick." Mr Mullery said, but was quick to add again an impression of the soft side of the man.

"He was the type of person that off the field you would love" said the former England captain.

In terms of football, Mr Mullery said that he wasn't sure how the late Mr Charlton would have fared in modern English football, because he was "very powerful in the way he went about his business" and wouldn't take any backlash from players.

Jack Charlton passed away at the age of 85
Jack Charlton passed away at the age of 85. Picture: PA

"I don't know if they'd put up with him today" he joked.

Matt, who was captivated by the memories flooding from Mr Mullery wanted to know "how will he be remembered in English and world football" as not only a successful player, but as a revered manager also.

The ex-England captain was certain that he would be decorated for his service to English football, but reminded Matt of how he would be remembered as a friend too. "Every time you were with him, you laughed" said Mr Mullery.