Sir Jeffrey Donaldson: PM hasn't delivered Brexit promises to Northern Ireland

26 June 2021, 14:15

Sir Jeffrey Donaldson vows to solve protocol issues as DUP leader

By Seán Hickey

The DUP leader designate vows to push Boris Johnson to respect Northern Ireland's position in the UK by amending the NI Protocol.

Sir Jeffrey Donaldson has been nominated to be the next leader of the DUP following the resignation of Edwin Poots earlier this month after some 30 days in the role.

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Matt Frei spoke to the next DUP leader about the damage the NI protocol has done to the party and to unionism in Northern Ireland: "The reality of Northern Irish politics has shifted, changed fundamentally as a result of Brexit" he insisted.

Sir Jeffrey argued that the DUP "wanted an outcome on Brexit which respected Northern Ireland's place within the UK" but alas "the Prime Minister wasn't able to deliver on that."

"He pushed the withdrawal agreement through without our support" he told LBC.

Donaldson: Protocol has harmed peace in NI

"Do you think the Prime Minister Boris Johnson threw you under the bus?" Matt wondered. Sir Jeffrey refuted the suggestion.

"He recognises the protocol element of the withdrawal agreement is harming Northern Ireland's place within the UK and is undermining political stability," the DUP leader insisted.

"I hope the Prime Minister will now be able to deliver the measures that are required to address that particular problem."

On DUP infighting, Sir Jeffrey told Matt that "there are divisions that need to be resolved within the party" and resolving the NI protocol will begin to rectify these issues.