Labour Not Taking Anti-Semitism Seriously, MP Says

29 June 2019, 13:34 | Updated: 29 June 2019, 13:37

The Chair of the All Parliamentary Group on British Jews says Labour is not taking anti-Semitism seriously, criticising the party for needing an "outcry" to deal with Chris Williamson.

Labour MP Wes Streeting hit out at his party for having to be forced into a U-turn over its decision to reinstate MP Chris Williamson, after his suspension over anti-Semitism.

Mr Streeting, who is co-Chair of the All Parliamentary Group on British Jews said the fact it took an "outcry" from Labour MPs shows the "dereliction of duty and leadership" on the part of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Speaking to Matt Frei, Mr Streeting said: "The fact it took an outcry from Labour MPs threatening to use our standing orders in an unprecedented procedure to ourselves remove the whip from Chris Williamson just shows the dereliction of duty and the dereliction of leadership on the part of Jeremy Corbyn, who could have suspended the whip himself."

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn
Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn. Picture: Getty

Mr Streeting added: "I'm just appalled, and I think the HRC would be interested to see how it was that it took an outcry to deal with Chris Williamson rather than have a proper, fair and independent process which is what we need.

"Right across the party, from Corbyn's critics to supporters, there is frustration about how the Labour Party is handling these issues.

"I just want the Labour Party to turn the corner on anti-Semitism and to give Jewish people the confidence that we are taking this seriously and we're tackling it.

"But I just don't think the Labour Party can say that it is right now."

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