"Laughable" That Remainers Are Stealing Democracy, Says Femi Oluwole

31 August 2019, 16:54

"Boris Johnson is going directly against wishes of the people and wishes of Parliament" says Our Future Our Choice co-founder Femi Oluwole.

Pro-Remain campaigner Femi Oluwole spoke with Matt Frei about today's protesters being called "undemocratic" by those who voted Leave.

The co-founder of Our Future Our Choice, who spoke at a protest against prorogation today in Birmingham, argued that the prime minister was the one guilty of being undemocratic.

Femi argued that the default position on Brexit was now in fact a people's vote, otherwise known as a second referendum.

Femi believes that the Prime Minister is limiting democracy
Femi believes that the Prime Minister is limiting democracy. Picture: LBC

Speaking with Matt Frei, he said that today's protests were "a message to moderate Tories" and encouraged at least one Conservative MP to "do the right thing" and quit the party, a move that would undermine Boris Johnson's majority in Parliament.

Femi said: "The Tory party are supposed to be the sensible party of business.

"Turning us into the only economy in the world that doesn't have a trade deal with anyone within 2,000 miles is not the party of economic prudence."

Matt Frei then asked if the image of the predominantly metropolitan protests would reflect well upon Remainers, saying they could be accused of wanting to steal Leave voters' democracy.

Femi Oluwole was speaking at protests in Birmingham today
Femi Oluwole was speaking at protests in Birmingham today. Picture: LBC

Femi replied saying: "The idea that it's us trying to steal democracy when we've got a Prime Minister who was not the head of the Conservatives when we had a general election?

Who nobody voted expecting to be Prime Minister, shutting down our sovereign Parliament in order to force through a version of Brexit that not only goes against the wishes of our sovereign Parliament, but which, in 2017, 54% of voters voted for parties who ruled out a no-deal Brexit in their manifestos?

"The idea that we're the ones stealing democracy is frankly laughable."

The campaigner continued his scathing analysis of Boris Johnson, with Matt Frei interrupting to say that there is a clash of different visions and version of democracy which is a dangerous state of affairs.