'Shut up the lot of you!': Caller stands in support of Boris Johnson

11 December 2021, 13:23

By Seán Hickey

This caller stood defiant in her support of the PM as he faces criticism from the public, the opposition and from his own party.

"He has my support 100%" caller Carol told Matt Frei, offering up three key reasons why she believes Boris Johnson is still fit to lead the country.

She began by telling listeners that she didn't think he'd do well as PM when first elected to replace Theresa May, but "he's done wonderfully."

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"No leader in mid term has had a vastly increased following" the caller also pointed out, suggesting a drop in support for Mr Johnson is normal for every leader.

"The second thing is that his party is turning against him. You know that man called Winston Churchill? His party was against him and everything he did, but he won us the war.

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"Boris is going to win us this war."

The caller admitted that the PM is by no means perfect, noting that when it comes to the Christmas party scandal "he needs to have a little bit more openness about them, about whether he knew and what he did or he didn't do."

Carol concluded by taking aim at those who criticise Mr Johnson for simultaneously taking too little action and too much action on the coronavirus crisis.

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"He was criticised when he didn't take enough action in the beginning...now he's taking action, now he's taking too much?

"Oh, shut up. The lot of you."