Lord Lawson Rebukes Lord Harris: "He Has No Great Political Understanding"

9 September 2017, 11:19 | Updated: 9 September 2017, 11:58

The former Conservative Chancellor responded to remarks about Theresa May's leadership by stating that Lord Harris "isn't noted for his political judgement."

Conservative party donor Lord Harris of Peckham yesterday described Theresa May as a "hopeless" leader of a "weak" government.

Speaking to Matt Frei this morning, Lord Nigel Lawson responded that Lord Harris "has no great political understanding" and "isn't noted for his political judgement."

After acknowledging Lord Harris' financial contribution to the party, former Conservative Chancellor Lord Lawson said: "I'm sure Theresa May listens to everything everybody says, but I disagree with him.

"She is obviously handicapped by the very disappointing election result and is therefore not in as strong a position as she would've liked to be.

"But that being said I think everything is going along the right lines and we will duly leave the European Union."

Watch the interview above.