Powerful call from cancer sufferer losing final days due to lockdown

25 April 2020, 13:40 | Updated: 25 April 2020, 14:09

By Seán Hickey

This heartbreaking call puts everything in perspective - this man is losing out on his final days because of coronavirus lockdown.

Simon Cowls is a 52 year old cancer patient from Devon and spoke to Matt Frei to explain how the coronavirus lockdown has impacted his treatment.

Simon told Matt he knows how many days he has left, and insisted that "the longer the coronavirus goes on, the less time I will have and it is eating into that".

He went on to mention that he is not able to see his family during this time and is stuck in self isolation with his wife, who he had planned on going on a road trip with around England.

"The light for us was at the beginning of the tunnel" he said, adding that the tunnel is now dark for him.

Mr Cowls told Matt that he is losing time while self isolating
Mr Cowls told Matt that he is losing time while self isolating. Picture: Simon Cowls

Matt asked whether or not his treatment has been affected by the coronavirus outbreak, to which Simon replied that priorities for coronavirus patients is at the expense of other treatments.

He understood the reasoning of the NHS but noted that it "doesn't help the thousands of us that see our lives ticking away".

Simon also added that the risk of going to hospital at this moment in time is too great.

In terms of lifting lockdown, the Devon native insisted that he "would settle for a few weeks to spend with my wife".

The call ended with Mr Cowls revealing to Matt that he was a few days ago planning his funeral and found himself thinking about the final song, which LBC played at the end of Matt Frei's show.

You can listen to Matt Frei's conversation with Simon Cowls in full above.

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