Matt Frei Nails The West's Failure on Aleppo

Matt Frei Aleppo

"What is the point of moral outrage when we keep ignoring our own principles?" Matt Frei doesn't hold back on the West's failings in Aleppo.

Talking on his LBC show he explained how red lines and moral outrage has done little to stop the vast human suffering in Syria.

“The west, the United Kingdom and the United States have simply done too little - at a time when they said they would intervene.”

“Remember, we ignored the red line that we set for ourselves in 2013, that if the Assad regime we would intervene militarily. The red line was ignored by the Obama administration that set the line for itself.”

“If you think that there has been yet another crime of omission, as the was in Srebenica, as there was in Rwanda. What is the point of all the moral outrage that we hear at the United Nations, when we just keep ignoring our own principles? When we are not prepared to put our weapons where our principles are supposed to be.”